are you ready?
here is the story behind ampa...
a m p a agency - content factory - content factory in white

true story, we promise.

when we first met, we felt “business magic” happening.

when we started thinking together, we realised that the need for content was strong and increasing.

when we discussed with people, we realised there was a missing link somewhere.

a missing link that would produce the right content, for the right brand, in a meaningful, qualitative … and flexible way. whatever the format.

then we decided: not anymore!

say hi to ampa, your content factory.

“you said content factory?”

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at ampa, we believe in…

we are believers… and we like it.

a m p a agency - content factory - meaning in white

we create meaningful content.

we find the right story, the right message, the right tone, the right formats, the right channels…

being spot on is a subtle exercise. we master it.

a m p a agency - content factory - quality in white

in the wave of information catching us, only qualitative content will be noticed.

yes, your content competes with Netflix, Kendall Jenner’s sexy pictures or Jack Ma’s inspiring interviews… as simple as that.

a m p a agency - content factory - happy humans in white

we believe in happiness at work. we know it’s possible to create value and be happy.

of course, our clients and partners are the first “happy humans”.