content factory.

“you said content factory…”

here is our definition.

and no worries, ampa is a buzzword-free agency.

a content factory n. /ˈkɑntɛnt ˈfæktəri/

  • looks for relevant opportunities. 
  • defines the story and content strategy…
  • develops concepts of meaningful content.
  • guides and produces the content, whatever the format.
a m p a agency - content factory - sarah & stefanie profile

content strategy x content creation

and we don’t use the x because it’s pretty.

a m p a agency - content factory - ampa sauce

we believe that content strategy and creation have to work hand-in-hand.

it is key to create qualitative and meaningful content.

for this you need “translators”, you need people able to make the link between the two worlds. you need Steve Jobs. no, just kidding, you just need ampa..

and concretely, what does ampa do?

once you figured out what story you want to share. 

let’s find the right shape to share it.

branding & storytelling

brand platform . brand strategy . brand story . creative workshops . logo . visual identity

social media

editorial content agenda . brand communication strategy . all round campaigns

video & photo

motion design . animation in 2D & 3D . interview . film . corporate . aftermovie . photography


articles . website texts . blog . newsletter . tagline . slogan . quotes . internal & external communication


illustration . flyer . banner . website . logo design . invitation

how we will work together...

a m p a agency - content factory - need

it starts with a need. it can come from you: “we need to boost our social media presence”, “we have a specific campaign in mind”. or we can proactively bring it to you. 

let’s start thinking! we spend time understanding the need. we do an in-depth analysis of your brand and your communication objectives. in some cases, we can challenge the need. this step is key to make sure the content will have the expected impact.

a m p a agency - content factory - strategy

let’s start brainstorming! with a team of strategists and creatives, we develop creative concepts and we share them with you in a creative offer

together, we exchange about the ideas and define the strategy even more.

once we agree on the strategy and concepts, we provide you with a clear roadmap. If we go for a content plan, we build an editorial agenda with what will be created and when.

a m p a agency - content factory - creation

let’s start creating! we gather the best team and we produce the content. 

we share with you all along the production process. 

once the content is created, and everybody is happy, we guide you on how to make the best of it.

a m p a agency - content factory - sarah & stefanie flexible

and how much?

no need to be scared, we are very flexible.

in content, every project is really different.

the best way to know is to give us a little brief and we will come back to you with an offer.