we are ampa
nice to meet you.

two complementary profiles.

one aligned vision.

stefanie wauters

Stefanie has spent a lot of time fighting. yes, you read correctly. say hi to an athlete-level jiu jitsu fighter. besides her 10 champion titles, she also was a television journalist, an autodidact graphic designer and most recently, a key account manager in a production agency. how did she manage to do all this? she never sleeps… true story.

Stefanie is a real problem solver. her unique positive attitude and will power makes everything possible. add to that a huge dose of creativity and an eye for aesthetics. and a smile, always.

sarah sonigo

Sarah sleeps a lot… but she still manages, during waking hours, to do a few things. she has 10 years’ experience in marketing combining: brand analysis, consumer insights, strategic marketing and creative storytelling.

Sarah loves to analyze. everything. she takes a step back to get the “big picture” in all kind of situations. she uses this 6th sense together with her creative mind to conceive meaningful content.

and she is passionate about brands…. sometimes she says she even dreams about brands.